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(Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic)

How to make a roundabout

1. create a smaller road-section on the point where the edge of the roundabout will be.
2. Attach to this road-section the first half-circle of the roundabout
3. delete the small road-section you've created for the first time
4. connect the second half-circle to the first one
5. place the selected roundabout ornament in the center of the circle so that the four corner points of the collision adjust to the inner edges of the road.
6.Then connect it to the road network and remove the automatically created sidewalk.

Proper sizing of the half-circle requires several endeavorings as it is not possible to specify a specific value for the diameter of the circle.

Making a street with 2 parking lots

1. Place the parking lot parallel to the buildings so that the parking sign is roughly in line with the line of the Old Gate Block pedestrian exit.
2. Place the second parking lot as before on the opposite side of the block.
3. Connect the two parking lots with each other and then connect the Old Gate Block to the road network.
4. If you didn't use a building with a car exit, we can position the parking lot as follows. The parking sign should be in line with the connection of the two middle buildings. (red line in the picture)
5. Place the second parking lot close to the first, in the correct positioning the parking signs and tabletop stones help you.
6. Let's connect the two parking lots with a road and we get a perfect downtown street.

Making sidewalk for buildings

1. Place a long straight sidewalk tightly aligned with the edge of the road as shown in the picture.
2. With a semicircular sidewalk, connect the sidewalk to the road on which a pedestrian crossing will be created.
3./4. If you used an Old Gate Block building, you cannot create a pedestrian crossing on that street, so it must be connected to another street.
5. Connect the pedestrian exits of the houses to the sidewalk network you've created. Make sure that at least one pedestrian exit of each house is connected to the road network.

Making a street with a bus stop and a parking lot

The size of the bus stop is exactly the same as the size of the parking lot, so we can place it on the street the same way as we've already described in the tutorial "Making a street with 2 parking lots" above. But in this case, more precise positioning is aided by a curb at the front and end of the bus stop. If you want to know how to make the sidewalks, read our tutorial "Making sidewalk for buildings".

Making a street with 2 parking lots

If we want to built a city, it's really important, that we use to the full all the empty places, so here are some tips to filling the empty spaces between the houses: