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RoN - World War I-II.

RoN is an old but great real-time strategy game that leads the player through 9 historical eras. The mod we made divides the first half of the 20th century into 9 eras, in which we can fight in battles with legendary or lesser-known vehicles of World War I-II. We replaced the colour codes with contemporary paints and insignia and made the scale of the units more realistic. Apart from the graphic tuning another significant change we completed is making the damage system look as lifelike as possible. For example, pedestrians cannot harm an armoured vehicle anymore.

The most important parameters of the mod:

This mod is about the I. and II. World War from 1900 to 1945. The player can choose from 8 nations: English, French, American, Russian, German, Hungaryan, Japan, Italian.

Singleplayer: - Quick Battle
Multiplayer: - Quick Match

- 8 playable nations
- 162 new vehicle models
- 308 unique textures
- 40% bigger map
- a more realistic damage system

The mod can be downloaded for the Thrones and Patriots and for Extended Editions.