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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
Wartburg 311

After the Trabant p50, we'll make another iconic East German car, the Wartburg 311. The Wartburg 311 was a passenger car from the Eisenach automobile plant with a three-cylinder two-stroke engine, which was manufactured from 1955 to 1965.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
Trabant 500-600

One of the iconic vehicles of the Eastern Bloc was the Trabant 601. However, the game doesn't include its predecessor, the 500-600 series. Therefore, the next vehicle we'll make going to be this.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
Old Downtown Pack 2

With the OldDowntown series, we want to create a kit for the "Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic HUNGARIAN PACK" with which player can build a complete downtown with boulevards and all the buildings needed to serve the population and the tourists.
Such buildings are:
- Residential buildings
- Shops
- Schools, kindergartens
- entertainment venues (pub, cinema, theater)
- hotels
- car parks, bus stops
The first half of the series has already been published and we are currently working on the second part, which is expected to appear in a few weeks. We experienced that many players have difficulties using the items properly, so we will also provide a more detailed tutorial in the next package.

Rise of Nations
World War I-II

For the Rise of Nations WWI-II mod no add-on has been made so far, so it has become timely. The game system allows 5 different styles for the units and taking advantage of this, we have created these units so that each nation has unique vehicles, paints, insignia, and uniforms. So in addition to the current 8 nations this mod can be expanded by 2 more nations. Selecting these 2 new nations is quite difficult and can cause a lot of controversy. Therefore, we decided that more add-ons will be made, so you can decide wich 2 nations you want to add to the existing 8. In the first add-on, we chose the nations Turkish (AXIS) - China (Ally). Later, Finland, Romania (AXIS) - Poland, Greece, Australia (ALLY) are planned.