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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - Hungarian Pack

Workers & Rescues: Soviet Republic is an economic strategy game in which the player can build his own small member state in the time of the Soviet Union. The game is still under development, but it's already an excellent game to play. Enthusiastic modders also contribute to the expansion of the game, creating many varied elements that make the game more colourful and customizable.
We also try to contribute to this with the models and textures we make. In the HUNGARIAN PACK we try to make and collect the vehicles and vehicle paints of the Hungarian Republic.

-MAP: Hungarian People's Republic
-BUILDINGS: OldDowntown pack1 + 2 skin pack, Roundabout Ornaments
-VEHICLE: GanzMavag V43, Ikarus 55/66, BHEV MIX, BHEV MX A
-VEHICLE SKINS: SKD 706rto mtz, Tatra138 gravel,mixer,crane, IFA W50 series, MAZ 504 series, KAMAZ 5320/5410 series, SKD 706rt series, Ikarus 260, 280, 256, CME2, CME3, M62, Y-Wagon, Ganz DP, IL-18

Further plans: In the future, we would like to design a separate pack about another member state of the Eastern Bloc.